Doorbell Extender

RC3500D Battery Powered Extend A Chime 6 Tunes
Extend-A-Chime Transmitter
by Security2020

Attach the Extend-A-Chime to your existing doorbell to get access to even more sound options. Some restrictions may apply, see product details for more information.

Plug-In Add-On Door Chime
by Thomas and Betts

Plug-in chime add-on extends the range of sound from your existing door chime.

Battery Powered Weatherproof Extend-A-Chime Featuring 6 Tunes
by Thomas and Betts

Battery powered weatherproof Extend-A-Chime allows you to place this product outside in your patio. Plays 6 tunes and includes a one year warranty.


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Wireless Add On Plug In Door Chime 8 Sound Options RC3200 Plug-In Extend-A-Chime Door Chime Extender
6 Sound Wireless Plug-In Door Chime Add-On
by Thomas and Betts

Choose from 6 different chimes with this quality add-on for your existing door chime. Easy installation, simply mount the button and plug-in the receiver to enjoy top quality sound in every room of the house!

Doorbell extender with sound options
by Thomas and Betts

Hear your door chime anywhere in or outside of the house with Extend-A-Bell. Used in conjunction with any existing wired doorbell.

Plug-In Extend-A-Chime System with 6 Sound Options
by Thomas and Betts

The convenient Extend-A-Chime system allows you to hear your doorbell from anywhere in the house, forever ruining a tried and true excuse for avoiding your in-laws. Now you will never miss a guest again!


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RC3030D Plug-In Extend-A-Bell 150 Foot Range Wireless Plug In Add-On Door Chime Excellent Sound  
Plug-In Extend-A-Bell 150ft. Doorbell System
by Thomas and Betts

Use the Extend-A-Bell system to guarantee that you will hear your doorbell ring from any room in the house—even the basement! Easy plug-in installation and functions from a distance of up to 150 feet.

Wireless Plug-In Add-On Door Chime With Excellent Sound
by Thomas and Betts

Have you ever missed a guest due to a quiet doorbell or a chime that can only be heard in a few rooms? Put that in the past and try one of our new wireless plug-in door chime extensions and enjoy the excellent sound quality!


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